Local Search Engine Optimization

The Yellow Pages are Obsolete - Recent studies have shown that most of your potential customers utilize technology to find local businesses the same way I do.  My basement is flooding and I need to find a local plumber and quick!  I grab my phone and search "plumber near me" or "plumber hawley mn".  If I am lucky, I find a someone local and if I am really lucky, someone local with positive reviews.  If I find nothing, I broaden my search and end up hiring someone farther away. 

Local searches aren't always an emergency but I still use the same process.  50% of consumers searching for local businesses visit the store or make a call within 24 hours.

Small businesses have survived for many years by taking good care of their customers and hoping the spread the good word to their friends.  But what if they don't?  Our daily lives are so busy we forget to share those stories of great local service.  Now there is a way to capture those happy thoughts and make sure your customers can find you.

#1 - You need to be listed!  If consumers can't find you, they can't buy from you.
#2 - You need a website to show them why they should call or visit you.
#3 - You need reviews!  Just as word of mouth has been the best advertising for small business for years, reviews show them you can be trusted.

Search engines want you to find what you are looking for and not just for those paying for advertising.  Why would you continue to use a search engine that only showed the highest prices?  They want you to find solid local companies with strong reputations.  

We have 2 ways that you can get there.  With our Silver Package you will receive our Local SEO Information Pack. This is a checklist of sites to make sure you are listed on and processes to put in place to make sure your customers can find you.

With our Gold Package you will get the Local SEO Action Pack.  We take on the heavy lifting by working with you to make sure everything is in place to help you make the most of your local SEO.

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