About Us

Two Questions:

1.  Have you ever struggled to find information on a website because it didn't format correctly on your phone or tablet?

2.  Have you ever searched without success for local service providers?

These are the two questions we want to help businesses eliminate.  When customers can't find you or struggle with your website, they will spend their money somewhere else.

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I created my first website over 10 years ago to expand my small business creating custom candy bar wrappers for weddings, birth announcements and other special occasions.  That website quickly grew into a full ecommerce site selling over 1500 wedding supplies nationwide.  I enjoyed all aspects of that adventure but creating and expanding the website brought new and exciting challenges.

Over the years I have created many websites for my own businesses and for friends, family and sometime just for fun.  I have always enjoyed being able to help small businesses that can't afford websites costing thousands of dollars. 

As the internet landscape has changed over the last several years, traditional website are no longer adaquate since they don't format correctly on the countless different phones, tablets and monitors.  Working with new tools and techniques we can now provide custom responsive websites to small businesses and organizations.

Local Search

The other major change for small businesses and organizations recently is the need to be found through internet searches and social media.  The days of the yellow page ads are far behind us and the local search game is changing every day.

While we don't claim to be a local search experts, we have done a lot of research and our goal is to learn more each day and share it with local businesses.  We have developed a packet of information that is available with some of our packages.

New articles, tools and information will be shared through our blog and Facebook page. 

Custom Responsive Design

Designed to fit all screen sizes of phones, tables, laptops, monitors and TVs.


We will work with you to find the best package to meet your needs at the best cost.

Annual Review and Refresh

We will meet with you yearly to discuss updates and give your site a fresh update.

Customer Satisfaction

Your website isn't complete until you are completely satisfied.


Call or email us today to find out how easy it is to launch your new web presence and take your business to the next level!